Senior goodbye: Malia Glover-Senge

Malia Glover-Senge

Dear Nurse L and Nurse K,

Thank you for being my best friends through my senior year. I had never talked to Nurse L previous years because I was never really at the nurse office. But this year I had a sudden click with communicating with you both, getting to know you both and you getting to know me. Whenever I’d have a problem I could just talk with you guys and you’d give some great advice.

Then for the not very important things, like when I talk about my cat, how cute he is and how much I love him. Then I’d bring my friends sometimes and we’d talk for awhile during my lunch period when you were not busy. Another time I thought was funny was when I helped peel those stickers off the shield and you both were impressed with my sticker peeling ability. I also appreciate that when I did not feel well you’d allow me to lie down in your office.

Nurse L, you always made me laugh and gave great advice and were very welcoming and kind whenever I would come into your office. You made me feel comfortable to actually go to the nurse if I had a headache or felt off. Talking with you also made me feel a lot better too to get my mind off whatever was bothering me.

Nurse K, I never talked to you much until Nurse L introduced me to you. You act just like me when I talk about my cat like calling him “floofy” or “chonky” and I thought that was always really funny that you’d use the same terms I would use. I’m glad someone else enjoys my cat’s floofyness as much as I do.

Thank you for both being absolutely awesome and so caring. I feel as if both of you made my senior year a lot better with helping me feel safe and just being able to rant, good or bad, just before homeroom started!

Much Love!!,

Malia (Lia) Glover-Senge