Senior goodbye: James Cawley

James Cawley

Dear Carroll Friends, I would like to take the time here and say goodbye to each and every one of you and what a time we had together. In this letter, I would like to go through all of the memories that we had together as seniors.

When I first transferred here, which was sophomore year, I kept saying to myself it was going to be a fresh start since my old school gave me trouble. I made a lot of new friends, went out a lot, and did sports that I loved. Unfortunately that year was cut short when we got hit by Covid so it was only a short time in my first year at Carroll.

Going into junior year, life didn’t feel as normal. We went hybrid for most of the year so I didn’t get to see much of everybody in person. All of us overslept most of the time because we weren’t used to a schedule like that. Wearing a mask in that period of time wasn’t as fun but now things started to slow up and calm down.

Then finally, senior year which everybody was excited for. We all had our funny moments in class which would brighten up a Monday if we were mad, tired, or just didn’t want to be at school. On our first day of school, The parking lot party was one of my favorite things that year. Everybody got together for our last first day of high school and popped the bottle. Even though we had to wear masks, it didn’t bother me as much but then removing it in March got everybody excited. I really enjoy going out to parties most nights so I got to spend more time with you guys. 

I am really going to miss every single one of you guys as we prepare to take our big journey to college. I’m excited for each and everyone of you and what you have planned in your upcoming future. Hopefully we can reunite soon thanks for the good memories.



Jimmy Cawley