Senior goodbye: Jocelyn Clarke

Jocelyn Clarke

Dear Archbishop Carroll Family,

First and foremost, I want to give a big shout out to the man up above. As the 2021-22 school year comes to an end and the senior class prepares to go onto their next journeys, I am proud to announce that we have finally made it to the finish line! As we prepare to leave Archbishop Carroll, we look back on four years of memories. The strange faces that first greeted us became familiar and the faculty and administration became both our educators and mentors, helping us to stay focused on earning that golden ticket, our diplomas! Now is the time when our childhoods are behind us and we take a breath of fresh air into the world to forge our own paths in life. 

Sad to say, my junior year was my most difficult year. To put all of the blame on COVID wouldn’t be fair, but I do feel the school year would have been a lot different if there weren’t ‘A’ and ‘B’ days, or the option of being all virtual. Some advice I want to give to the junior class that I wish I received is to stay focused, turn in your work on time, and don’t take anything too lightly just because you’re “almost done.You will, just like many of us seniors, get tired of assignments, be ready to graduate within the first couple weeks of school and maybe even want to give up, but I am here to tell you to keep going and to persevere through the most challenging times you encounter and prove to yourself that you have the ability to overcome those obstacles.

Overall, what I’ve learned throughout my high school experience is to be true to yourself, challenge yourself, try new things and don’t follow the crowd-  be your own light! The world is yours and full of opportunity! What you decide on doing is up to you. The sky is and will always be the limit if you put your best foot forward and do your best in everything you do. High School and beyond, it is important to stay ambitious and chase your dreams! Get ready! 

Sincerely, Jocelyn Clarke