Senior goodbye: David Ebersole

David Ebersole

Dear Carroll,

Over the past few years I’ve learned a lot about school, people, and life. As a whole, Carroll has brought me closer to friends and made my religious belief a lot stronger than what it was coming into the new school. 

Throughout my time here as a student there’ve been a lot of challenges and hard times. My friends that I met along the way really helped me get through everything that was going on as well as my family and teachers. I was not the best student, either, and never really liked the learning aspect of school. It always just seemed boring to me and I always found myself distracted. But Carroll they pushed me to do my work and worked with me to get my assignments in. I plan on staying in touch with the Carroll community and with the people I met on my journey. 

A memory I’ll never forget about Carroll was during my freshman year. It was towards the end of the year at the start of 8th period. I was walking down the cafeteria hallway going up towards the stairs when the senior prank was happening. They made a slip n slide in the hallway and there were at least 100 people in this one spot. It was a crazy moment but it didn’t last long because Mr. Keehn and Mr. Gennaro came running down and ended it really quickly. The upperclassmen that I met really helped me and guided me towards the right steps at Carroll. 

Sports have always been my favorite thing at Carroll. I played hockey and lacrosse sense my freshmen year, playing on varsity for both. The coaches have really made a difference in my life and made me into the young man I am today. 

Thank you Carroll for everything

  • David Ebersole