Senior goodbye: Grace Fioravanti

Grace Fioravanti

Dear Archbishop John Carroll,

I spent four years here and I have experienced many good and bad experiences. Freshman year was hectic and fun at the same time. I made so many new friends, met brand new teachers and made the volleyball team. These people and activities shaped my first year at Carroll to be fun and special. I’ll never forget getting close to people who maybe I’ve known even before high school and through volleyball we became close. I can easily say this was my best year at Carroll. 

Sophomore year started out exciting. Going in based on freshman year, I was excited to meet even more people with a whole new class schedule and new teachers. Everything was normal until March of that year. I was sitting in the library when there were “rumors” going around that we were going to have two weeks off from school because of COVID. As I was on my Chromebook writing in English, there was an announcement that confirmed the rumors. It was said that we would have two weeks off from school. As everyone knows it was way more than two weeks. It was a shock at first but the more shocking experience was when we had to go virtual every other day the following year. 

That’s when junior year started. We all got used to it but it definitely slowed us down. This didn’t stop us from trying to have a “normal” high school experience. I would say I had the most fun I possibly could through everything that was going on within the world outside of school. With the schedule being split there were fewer students per class. I talked to people I had never talked to before and became close with those people. I did stop playing sports but this led me to making jobs that motivated me to do more. I would say Carroll did its best to handle everything the best it could along with other high schools. I can definitely thank multiple teachers for helping us through our work with the wacky schedules. They were patient and understanding.

Thank you to Archbishop John Carroll.