Senior goodbye: Hannah Webster


Hannah Webster

Dear Archbishop Carroll,

Thank you for allowing me to learn more and discover more about myself. I came to Carroll in January of sophomore year, after already going to two schools previously. Before coming to Carroll I struggled to find myself. About two months into my first year at Carroll, COVID hit and we spent the rest of the year and the next online. I would say COVID made it more difficult for me to keep up with my academic work, being that it was such a new way of learning. Even though quarantine was a difficult time for everyone, I found that looking back, the time away helped me get my priorities straight and explore more about what’s important to me. 

My experience at Archbishop Carroll has really shaped me into who I am and prepared me for my future both academically and socially. The challenges my high school experience has put me through has helped me grow and find myself.

My advice to the class of 2023 is to do your best to have your grades reflect accurately of your abilities. This will be very helpful in the future. I also would say to make sure to get yourself out there and be as involved and social as possible. My last piece of advice is to not take things too seriously because high school is four years of your life where you have little to no responsibilities so try to enjoy these moments while they last.