Senior goodbye: Paul J. Bryson

Paul J. Bryson

Dear Archbishop Carroll as a whole,

This community has turned my high school experience into one I will never forget. I’ve learned so much coming to the end of these four years. I barely learned anything from a classroom, though the teachers are very intelligent people and taught me more important things than some review sheet. I’ve turned friends into family from this community and I could never be more thankful for the people I have now in my life. I’ve had so much fun throughout high school that the name Carol never not makes me think of Carroll. 

I always knew I would go to Carroll since elementary school because my family would talk about it frequently around my seventh and eighth grade. My uncle, Andrew Bryson, went here and had good things to say about it but I was just happy I wasn’t going to Roman Catholic.

I never would have thought that the time would fly away so fast even though everyone warned me. Carroll sometimes brought the best out of me. I did things I didn’t think I was very capable of and discovered myself a little more in each process. I learned that if I actually applied myself and paid attention to paying attention, then I might even have a fat scholarship. But my direction wasn’t towards good grades as much as it was good days. I would say this school has such a wide range of unique characters if it didn’t sound rude. These birds of the same feather do not flock together in Archbishop Carroll. I mean, sometimes they do, but stereotypes do not exist here and rightfully so. I’ve had my ups and downs with the teachers here but I respect them all and wish them nothing but laughter and smiles, definitely some more than others.