Senior goodbye: Madison Concilio

Madison Concilio

Dear Carroll friends,

I wanted to thank you all for how kind and welcoming you all were. When I first arrived here in September, the amount of people I knew was limited. My school that I had spent my last three years of high school in had just closed down. On top of that, it was my senior year and I was spending it with new people at a new school. My emotions were everywhere. I was having a really hard time trying to accept the change that was bluntly put in front of me. 

My first two weeks at Carroll were really rough. I had no intention of trying to make any new friends. I just wanted my school back and had no interest in being at Carroll. As time went on I realized that senior year was going to suck even more if I did not at least try. With that, I started talking to some new people in my classes. It took a bit of time to start actually forming friendships. Although, after that time period was over, I already had some new friends. I was also getting to know all my teachers better. I started showing everyone my true personality and was eventually accepted by all of you. You did not shut me out or leave me to myself at all this year. 

Even though it was not at Hallahan, I was able to truly enjoy my senior year. Even my mother saw the change in my attitude towards school after a while. Being that the year is just about over, I can strongly say I have met some people here that I can truly call my friends. None of that would not have been possible without everyone being so open and accepting. 

With that being said, I look forward to telling people that even though life had hit a rough patch, I enjoyed my senior year to the best of my abilities. I can also say that I am extremely glad I chose Carroll. I know some people from Hallahan who are not able to say the same as I am right now. So once again I will say, thank you. Thank you to all of my Carroll friends and teachers for making my senior year great.