Senior goodbye: Shane Dunn

Shane Dunn

Dear family,

Graduation is right around the corner and knowing that high school is almost over has me looking back on the good times I’ve had during the past four years. I remember starting high school thinking that I was going to have to go through a very long boring four years of school again. Everyone in the family told me about the amazing time they had during high school and how fast the time went. I didn’t believe you guys but now that I am here I realized how fast it truly went and how all the advice you guys gave me was true and helped me when I needed it the most. A part of me is sad to let go of the memories and friendships I’ve had during high school but I am looking forward to making new ones in the future and accomplishing new goals. 

A big part of my life was sports and I was very happy to continue playing in high school for the football team. I remember being nervous and excited to start playing on a different level of competition and improving my skills through the process. No matter where my games were or what was going on at the time, every single one of you guys showed up to support me and always pushed me to be better. I loved the game and always wanted my team and me to do the best we could to win but at the end of the day I just loved that my family was there laughing and having fun while supporting me to reach my goals. I don’t think I could have pushed myself as hard as I did or made it this far in life with out the love and support that all of you guys have given me throughout the years. 

I’m not positive on where life is going to take me in the upcoming years and not having a plan for next year is making me more anxious than I thought it would. Talking to you guys about the future though has made me feel tremendously better about myself and knowing that no one truly knows what the future holds. All of you have showed me that it’s fine to not have a plan right now and that trusting in God and yourself will get you to where you need to be. I want to thank every single one of you guys for constantly believing in me and always lending me a helping hand when I need one. I love all of you and I love knowing that no matter what we go through we will always have each others backs in time of need. 

Ocean To Sky Love,

Shane Dunn