Senior goodbye: Emmett McGill

Emmett McGill

Dear Archbishop Carroll,

I want to thank you for showing me how to get through things and push on. Carroll has given me a new attitude when it comes to school and classes and how I see myself as a student. The overall environment here, although challenging, has helped me for the better and made me want to push myself for a better future and see myself and what the future has in store for me in a better light.

I want to thank my teachers for challenging me every day I step in here. From start to finish they’ve kept me going and I’ve never missed a beat in terms of my education. I have used my experience at Carroll in other aspects of my life, like, for instance, making a semi-professional team, which at one point seemed impossible but with good support from my school friends and associates it made everything that little bit easier.

I hope to make my school, family and friends proud in my future endeavors in college and beyond college as well as outside activities. I want to use my time here as a blueprint for whatever situations arise in the future. 

Thank you,