Senior goodbye: Ryan Sheehan

Ryan Sheehan

Dear Carroll, 

Thank you for everything you have done. Carroll has impacted my life greatly in many different aspects. I could not imagine going to a different school and getting all the same knowledge I have gotten at this amazing school. The people I have met at this school changed the way I am today. I had to learn a lot of hard and difficult things during my time here but it will forever be worth it when I get older. The teachers here have done a great job in developing me into the person I am today. Having the Saint Katherine’s kids here in this school makes the Carroll community so much better. The SKDS kids bring so much joy to the campus and always give me motivation to do better in school. 

Lunch time has always been a crazy experience for me. Every year I seem to be put in a very fun and active lunch room filled with a lot of kids. I have so many amazing memories in the cafeteria that I hope to never forget. My favorite memory from Carroll, though, would have to be the slip and slide during freshman year. This was the best senior prank I have ever seen. Freshman year was an amazing year for me, probably my favorite year. Everything was different freshman year: the school, lunch, sports, teachers, and even the morale of the school was different. Carroll is still the amazing school that everyone knows but nothing will top freshman year. 

Some of the teachers here made sure to do way more than they had to and I couldn’t thank those people enough. I feel that I am ready for this next chapter in my life but at the same time I am very sad. I’m going to miss my everyday routine with Carroll and seeing all my friends and favorite teachers every day. Life is going to be completely different soon when we graduate. I will not be able to see some of the people I see every day and it will be tough. However, I feel that Carroll has done a great job in making me a better person so I believe that I will be ok and successful. Thank you for everything, Carroll. 


Ryan Sheehan