Senior goodbye: Spencer Skowronek

Spencer Skowronek

Dear Archbishop Carroll,

This has been the longest ride of my life, a roller coaster ride to be more exact. Growing up and going to high school in this time period brought about some big problems and obstacles, but, nevertheless, it was a blast. The memories, the people, and the opportunities here were something so special. As students, we were faced with many changes out of school and in. Covid-19 took half of our sophomore year. We had to figure out what to do with our lives. We made it work. We socially distanced when needed but we always made sure to have fun.

Weeks before my freshman year I didn’t even know where/what Archbishop Carroll was. I was originally enrolled in O’Hara and I am so glad I steered away from that.

While there are many things that I’m sure many would say they wish they could change about Carroll, there are also many things that I’m sure half of us wouldn’t change for a thing. These events that shaped our high school experience made us who we are. Some of these fun activities included: football at lunch, outside hot chocolate party, and all the school pep rallies. They have given me the people around me and are a big part of the reason why I even came to school every morning.

But now we are wrapping it all up, finally coming to an end. However, thinking about it, there really is no end to school and learning keeps going. But for our high school portion, it’s the grand finale — The final lap. On the day of me writing this letter we have about 6 class days left and I’m not sure how to react. Going to college is going to be a lot different and is going to be a whole reset. This year at Carroll was by far the best action-packed and full of fun. As I go to college looking back I’m happy to say that Carroll has changed me for the better and prepared me for the next step.


Spencer Skowronek