Senior goodbye: Joseph Gallo

Joseph Gallo

Dear Carroll,

Over my past 3 years here, a lot has happened, and have helped me find who I am as a person, from learning to make good and bad decisions, to simply just learning to socialize and become friends with people I did not know before. This school through its community has also helped me learn and play the game of life, and more importantly, how to get by. 

The people I have met here I hope to maintain contact with for the rest of my life because the friendships I have formed in this building have gotten stronger over the years and helped me grow as a person. The community here is kind of like a big family. You get used to seeing everyone in class or in the halls. The teachers here are also a part of that family. You become friends or at least acquaintances with your teachers and can actually talk to them, not as just teachers, but as just another person. They become more than just teachers you see in class, but someone you can talk to about your life. 

If I did not attend Archbishop John Carroll from the beginning, I can say in confidence that I would not be the same person I am today. I have definitely not been the most scholarly kid throughout my high school experience. However, I learned to procrastinate less over the years, and more importantly, that sometimes you need to just do the work whether or not you want to or not. 

Joe Gallo