Senior goodbye: Anyae Hall

Anyae Hall

Dear Archbishop John Carroll, 

Staff, families, and students, I can’t explain the amount of joy, happiness, and confrontation I’ve endured for the past 4 years of my life. Coming into high school I was insecure, nervous, happy, and motivated — all in one. When I attended Carroll I felt welcomed but challenged as well. Despite that, I knew Carroll was for me ever since I visited for 7th grade visitation. Words cannot express how I felt walking into Carroll for the 1st time. The energy and the people caught my attention the most. Once entering high school, I felt like this was finally the right time for me to open up and be myself unapologetically. 

The last couple months of high school are chaotic. With so many emotions from friendships, relationships, grades, and opportunities, you won’t know whether to be happy or sad. I’ve dealt with so many different emotions to the point where I wanted to give up on myself. The person who was my backbone when I was feeling weak was my mother. There were times when felt unmotivated, dumb, worthless, and down coming to school. My mom would always remind me that I came this far for a reason and don’t stop until I reach the end. 

This is the closing of one door and opening of another. I sincerely want to thank sincerely think everyone who made my high school experience the best that I could ever ask for. All the warmth, memories, and great learning experience will be truly missed. To my friends I want to say thank you for being with me and picking me up when I was down. This is not a goodbye; this is a see you later.