Senior goodbye: Amaya Hickson

Amaya Hickson

Dear Carroll,

This was a very interesting four years. I think being in school has definitely changed me for the better and possibly the worst. Now my four years are definitely different from someone else’s but I wouldn’t have changed anything. I think these experiences have shaped me into the person that I am today. I think I have changed fundamentally since freshman year. I have become more outspoken and know what I want as a person. I have started to understand what and who I like as a person and what and who I do not like as a person. I think I even started to appreciate my surroundings because of the privilege that I have been surrounded by. 

I have done a lot of things within the school through the Diversity Club, music, and art. I cannot say that I will not miss it. Being involved is something that I will say is good. I think that there are good things about it. You make connections with people in the school and possibly learn new things about the school while boarding your horizons. You will make connections with people you might not interact with daily so that will always be great. I really do think that makes up such a part of the high school experience that a lot of people do not talk about. I have made a lot of friends and memories through it that I will never forget. 

Lastly, I want to say that this school has given me friends that I will have for life. I will miss not seeing these friends every day and making memories with them. I will miss getting food with them, making inside jokes, etc. I think that I will never get used to not going to first period with someone or going to lunch expecting to laugh so loud and hard that my stomach hurts. I do not think that I will fully get used to being an adult without my friends. Yet I think I will be fine, a little sad, but still pretty happy. 

As always,