Senior goodbye: Kathryn Koroly

Kathryn Koroly

Dear Carroll,

Thank you for what you have given me in my time here. Coming into Carroll I didn’t have many expectations. Freshman year I expected to make friends, go to school and play sports. While I did do all that, I got much more. I had an experience I couldn’t get at anywhere else. The events, sports and classes here allowed me to benefit by going out of my comfort zone and getting involved. I learned to be a better person in the classroom, in sports and outside of school.  The people here are what make Carroll what it is. Teachers, administrators, students, and SKDS make this environment special. 

Getting involved was the best choice I made. Advice I would give to underclassmen is to be open minded. Try different things, talk to different people and participate in different events. I played tennis, bowling, lax and basketball at Carroll and it introduced me to so many different people. Knowing people and having a good relationship is so important and will get you far in life. Never be afraid to ask for help or be afraid to help someone else. Wake up every day and have no regrets. High school goes by fast. I learned during my time at Carroll that high school is what you make of it.

My favorite memory at Carroll was winning the state championship. For me, it was the beginning of going back to normal after COVID. Our team worked so hard the entire year to win. It took losing all of our close games, hard practices, and little to no days off the entire season. So much work went into it, but it was worth it. I remember getting to the championship game super nervous but excited. I think we knew we were going to win, because not only were we the better team, but their best player played with us for the past few years so we knew her game. I got hit in the head in warmups, started to get dizzy and felt a headache coming on but played through it. Then I got hit in the head in the game again and knew I was in trouble. I only played the first half of the game and came out with a concussion, but winning the game is still my favorite memory. It was a great way to end the season. I have a lot of good friends on the team too, teammates are just as important to me as the game is because without them we can’t win. There needs to be good chemistry and togetherness, and we had it.