Senior goodbye: Gianna Liciardello

Gianna Liciardello

Dear Archbishop John Carroll High School, 

Although it is my time to move on, I will never forget all the long days I spent at Carroll. I appreciate every single day that I walked into Carroll. Most importantly I want to say thank you for a very interesting and life changing experience. My four years at Archbishop John Carroll High School changed me for the better. I have grown as a person and I thank Carroll for that. Carroll gave me relationships and friendships that helped me grow as a person. 

The relationships and friendships I made here are the most valuable to me. I came into Carroll only knowing four people because softball, grade school , and that changed very quickly. Everybody was so welcoming and friendly and I will always be appreciative of these lovely people.  I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to experience the company of these amazing people, and really get to know them throughout my four years. These relationships are everlasting and I will love these people forever. I also have to say how amazing my teachers have been. They were always there when I was struggling, they helped me through situations I did not think I would be able to overcome. I would not have traded them for the world. They did not only help me academically, but they helped me with my future plans and basic life issues that made me into the person I am today. I am extremely thankful for the relationships I have made with my teachers and the everlasting friendships with my friends. 

I have many memories at Carroll I will remember forever. My one and only favorite memory was going on the Kairos retreat. My faith was never really strong coming into Carroll, but when I went on Kairos, I learned a lot about not only my peers and myself, but my faith most importantly. I believe that this experience will top any other because I got to know my friends on a deeper level and really understand them as people, not just classmates. I am also very appreciative of my friends, who also made me stronger with my faith in God. Overall, I feel that I have changed for the better in many aspects of my life, because of Archbishop John Carroll High School. I am going to miss Carroll, but I know it will be my forever home. 


                                      Gianna Liciardello