Senior goodbye: Amir Mayo

Amir Mayo

Dear Mom and Dad,

As I end my time at Carroll and as a student in high school, I must say that I didn’t understand at all when you and others have mentioned that high school will go by fast and that it’d all be over in no time. Looking back at this now, I can definitely attest to this statement and give my full agreement to it as these years, and especially this year, just feels like it flew right on by. Just the beginning of the start of the year seems like it was just yesterday. I remember  sitting down in that first class of the year. Maybe it’s just that this year has been the best academically for me in high school or that I just don’t have to bother dealing with a math class; either way, it has been quick. Thank you for all the sacrifices you’ve made for me and the help that you have given me. For what comes next after high school, I don’t entirely know, but what God has in store will be done. 

A wonderful memory is that I had gotten saved and born again during freshman year. I remember being in I believe it was my Algebra class and just having an amazing peace that superseded all understanding. Though not because of Carroll or the faculty, this was still a memory within the school building. The amazing thing is that this transformation from death to life, all can receive should they choose to truly repent and submit fully to Jesus. It isn’t about a religion. God desires a personal connecting relationship with us. I couldn’t imagine where I’d be if I had not encountered the Lord. All those times of evangelizing whether at Carroll or outside, deep conversations I’ve had with people, seeking after the Lord, etc.: I couldn’t imagine not doing it.

Carroll has had some up and down moments, going from faculty, students, and problems with the building as a whole, but I am grateful and thankful for the experience that I had received here. I am grateful for the teachers who have taken the time out of their day to teach and their desire for the students they’re teaching to be successful. Though I can’t say that I learned much about life sustaining skills, the education from Carroll has set me in a place where I could go and receive a higher education. Thank you.

Amir Mayo