Senior goodbye: Diego Santos

Diego Santos

Dear Archbishop Carroll,

I can’t thank you enough for these past four years although they were cut short or at least unique in a sense I could not have asked for a better time. I can remember coming to an open house as an eighth grader with no idea where I wanted to go for high school but that one visit just felt right. This school felt like the perfect size, not too small but not too big. I will remember and cherish the people and teachers I have met here at Carroll for the rest of my life.

It feels like just yesterday I was sitting in freshman orientation with absolutely no knowledge of anyone here. I remember the first days with Father Spez and guidance telling us the great things that would come with our four years here and teaching us how to use and log in to our Chromebooks.

Sophomore year was a blast before it was cut short, always joking with my classmates and meeting and creating friendships with the upperclassmen like Dante, Jason Laf, Keenan, Ritter, Sowa, Daryl, Amiri. I saw them as grown up even though they were only juniors and seniors.

Junior would probably have been the most uneventful year, sadly I would have to say that it was my least favorite year here at Carroll mostly because of the hybrid learning and not being able to see my friends. Life in general just felt still.

Senior year has been the greatest year of high school by far with this feeling of our last run together as a full class. It just feels amazing that everyone knows how valuable our last few days are together. Going to support all of the school’s sports teams has been amazing, seeing my friends and classmates achieve great things on and off the field. It’s so sad that it has to end. I wish we could have those two years back and do it right, enjoy every moment, every game, every dance. Overall I love this school, especially the people. All I can say is thank you to Archbishop Carroll High School for the memories, the teachers, lessons and friends I have made here. I have learned so much academically and personally that will last me a lifetime. I wish to soon come back as an alumni and serve as a member of the board and donate to make Carroll better than it already is.