Senior goodbye: Zachary Stearns

Zachary Stearns

Dear Archbishop Carroll,

It has definitely been some type of ride with very high highs and low lows. There have definitely been very fun and funny times but at the same time there have been very bad moments and terrible moments for you, some you couldn’t control but it just happened. I would say what saved me with this school is the people, like my friends and favorite teacher.

This senior year has been and absolute blast of  a year between the people teachers and now baseball is doing very well now. We are on to our third head coach and we finally got it right with this coach and I’m having a very good year.

The good things are the people and just how good the community of people are. It truly does feel like a Catholic school, which I like coming from a public school. The highs are the good teachers I’ve gotten like Woehlcke, Tucker, Gimpel, Knowlton, and Im surecould name more but I’ll keep the list short. This year baseball did a complete 180 with our record and I did a complete flip of a season with how I am doing. It has just been such a fun season, thanks to our new coach and Father. Senior year really saved my Carroll experience.