Senior goodbye: Ann Dvonch

Ann Dvonch

Dear Carroll junior friends, 

As I look back on my four years at Carroll just 22 days from graduation, trying to hide my sadness and fear about graduating becomes close to impossible. All year I have avoided listening to one song. While I know how silly it sounds, I haven’t listened to ‘I’ll Always Remember You’ by Hannah Montana since field hockey season on the bus back to school after a tough loss to Notre Dame. At that moment, sitting on the back of the bus, I realized the utter importance of soaking up every minute. I’ve learned to cherish everything, both good and bad, because each event has some sort of lesson hidden within it. 

You guys have greatly contributed to the numerous happy memories I have experienced this year. I wish I could experience these same memories with you. Don’t forget to acknowledge how lucky you are to get to cherish them together. Four years is definitely enough at Carroll so you’re on your own. Just be sure to keep me filled in! Although you might not want to hear it, everything is your last, so don’t miss out. There are obvious days/events you should look forward to; the first day of school, senior night, homecoming and prom. Yet the moments that often go unnoticed are just as important. Whether that be a funny moment in a lab with Mrs. Owens, watching Mrs. Buchanan yell at some freshman out of uniform, or convincing Mrs. Dunn that you really did have car problems this morning and you didn’t just oversleep. Be sure to go to every game or play or Carroll event. You’ll regret it if you don’t!

Thank you for making this year as special as it possibly could be. I am beyond grateful that I got the opportunity to grow closer or become friends with each of you. You all have taught me so much individually and have genuinely helped me get to where I am today. I am oh so sad that I have to leave you. Not that I am going extremely far, so, no excuses: you have to come visit. I’m so glad I got to spend as much time as I possibly could with you. I know this won’t change anything, knowing you guys, but don’t overwork yourself or at least try your best not to. It’s senior year. You guys can cut yourselves a little slack. Since Mrs. Gimpel is reading this, I totally will not tell you to do what I did and just leave all your homework for study hall or discretionary time in Valenti’s class. Have all the fun. I sure did! 

Best of luck!

Annie Dvonch