Senior goodbye: Graeme Glavin

Graeme Glavin

Dear underclassmen,

As a person who has gone through four years of high school here, I have advice. First, make the most of your time here. Even though the days seem long, it goes by relatively fast. When I look back on this year and previous years, I feel like it wasn’t as slow as I remembered it being. That could be because I spent a lot of time going on YouTube or watching anime throughout the day but this year especially went by faster than I expected it to. A big part of what makes school worth going to is your friends. Hanging out with friends can make the years at least a little fun. Meet people that you can “be like, friends and high five and stuff and like, drink Mountain Dew and things like that that friends do. I mean, I wouldn’t know but I think that’s what friends do.”- (Ledger Gibbs).

Second, do your work on time. Don’t procrastinate like me. I’ve spent many nights up late doing homework because I just couldn’t be bothered to do it until about 11pm. I was more invested in rewatching Bungo Stray Dogs (my favorite anime), Death Note, My Hero Academia, Yuri!!! On Ice, Angels of Death, and other anime than my school work. Needless to say, I fell asleep a lot in class and evidently teachers don’t like that. It’s especially hard to get away with when you sit up front. If you get tired in school, go to bed earlier and that means starting your homework earlier. I don’t like the idea of that either but if you want to keep our grades up, it’s a good idea. It’s not good to have a “eh, one day late won’t hurt too much” mindset. You don’t want to be the person who makes people say “It’s like he’s proud of how dumb he is.”- (Shinra Kusakabe). Or “she” but the quote references a guy.

Lastly, be engaged. Whether it’s with a sport or a club or even just in class, be engaged. School can be a bit more fun if you get involved with something that may require you to socialize. I wasn’t too involved in school stuff until this year and senior year was my favorite year. I’m more of a negative person so school has never really interested me but if you try to make it fun…well, at least sorta fun, you can do it.

Best regards,

Graeme Glavin