Senior goodbye: Bridget Lau

Bridget Lau

Dear Friend,

My name is Bridget Lau and I will be graduating in just 23 short days. I wanted to take this opportunity to share my story in hope that it might encourage those who may be struggling or facing hard times. I want you to know that it will get better. This is how I know it:

Walking into my freshman year of high school, I was so ready for the next adventure. I could not wait to make new friends and enjoy my ‘golden years’ of school. Just two months into the school year, I became really sick quite often. As my illness progressed, I became severely malnourished. I was rapidly losing weight and hardly had any energy. This led to my absence from school for nearly three months. I spent my time at home recovering and finding the right medications for my newly diagnosed illness. After months of testing and time in the hospital, we learned my illness was because of severe anxiety. I worked very hard to get better for the next school year, and I did. I moved into my sophomore year of high school with new medication that helped me. I felt confident I could be a normal teenager again. Unfortunately, daily panic attacks started on my third day of school and continued for the next several months. These debilitating attacks caused me to leave Carroll to put my mental and physical health first. With the help of mental health programs, I was diagnosed with general anxiety, panic disorder, depression, and post traumatic stress disorder. 

I thought this was my breaking point. I know now that this was not where I lost myself, but rather where I build myself up again and make myself stronger. This is where I learned how to fight my demons. This is where I learned how to fight for what I love. This is where I learned to fight to get back to my friends and loved ones. This is where I learned that I was strong. I wouldn’t let this defeat me. 

No matter how hard life gets, you will prevail. Do not feel embarrassed to get the help you need. I know I wouldnt be here alive today without help.

With love,

Bridget Lau, Class of 2022