Senior goodbye: Kaleigh Timothy

Kaleigh Timothy

Dear Archbishop Carroll,

As has been told time and time again, the best part of the Carroll experience is the community and the support here and it is entirely true. I’m typically quite quiet and like to keep to myself a majority of the time. Yet here in Carroll, I had been able to find a very supportive and kind group. Even people outside of my typical friend ground are plenty willing to lend a hand when you need it. Teachers are willing to extend to you any help they can give. They truly care to see their students succeed here. I am extremely grateful to all the classmates and teachers who helped make me feel welcomed here. I truly hope that the strong sense of community here continues through the underclassmen and incoming students for years to come. 

The abundance of faith here in Carroll is also another reason I am grateful. From what I have seen, the majority of students and teachers practice their faith and strive to be closer to God. I had struggled with my own faith for a bit, but the people here in Carroll helped to pull me back and strengthen my faith in God. I doubt that I would have found my faith again had I not gone to Carroll for high school. I have heard from a friend from another school that having such deep faith in God and His Word was discouraged at her school and she was mocked by her peers. While it saddens me to hear what happened to my friend, it also makes me even more grateful to have gone to Carroll where my faith was encouraged. 

I really hope and pray that the strength in community and faith here continues and lasts for as long as the school is here. I have made great friends and found my faith that I will keep with me for my lifetime. Carroll left a big positive impact on my life and I hope that others feel similarly about their experience here. 

Best regards,

Kaleigh Timothy