Senior goodbye: Zhenqiang Zhong


Zhenqiang Zhong

Dear past self: 

Time flies like an arrow. Time flies like a shuttle. Before I knew it, three years had passed, and now I am about to graduate from high school. Looking back on the past three years, from the moment I set foot on the flight to the United States, I have shouldered the expectations of my parents and the sense of responsibility in my heart. I have gone from being very young and ignorant to now mature and stable, from initial playfulness to now excellent grades. For myself, I am changing all the time. In the past, I was always fantasizing about when I would grow up and be alone. But now it seems that rushing to grow up is not a good thing, because in fact life is not as easy as you think. Growing up also means facing more and more pressures and responsibilities. But I also want to tell my past self not to be afraid of growing up. In fact, the outside world is very interesting. The more you see it, the more people or things you will meet, and the more friends you will make.

I am well aware that I am a person who is extremely nostalgic, misses old friends and misses old things. But what I want to say is that you must cherish the people in front of you. Many friends and classmates used to be close, but after all, they no longer live together. Even if you miss them every day and every night, there are a lot of words in your heart that you want to say to them. There are words to say when you really meet again one day, I am afraid that you will not be able to escape a long time not seeing them. The previous intimacy disappeared in an instant. If you just live with memories and yourself, you will be lonely one day, watching the people around you laughing. Compose a new chapter of your life with friends around you, and you will not be alone. Dare to look at yourself alone. Accept the new friends in front of you without any hesitation. Don’t separate the friendly person who treats you sincerely and yourself from your “past.” Don’t always mention your past and your old friends, they are all already in the past. Treat the friends in front of you well, and don’t miss some rare friends who are worth making so easily. “Like the new and miss the old” is what you should do, but don’t forget to put the “nostalgic” back. 

Three years of junior high school and three years of high school. You are about to experience a lot of sadness and parting, but I hope you will not be sad because parting is often for a better start. Every step in life must be taken steadily, not asking for anything in return, but asking not to regret it. Everyone you meet is who you should meet, and everything you do is what you should do. Keep your faith and look to the future. Remember: “On the road ahead surely will be friends dear and true, Throughout the land is there anyone who knows not you?” 

  Zhenqiang Zhong