Senior goodbye: Liam Brady

Liam Brady

Dear Carroll friends,

These last four years of high school have been some of the greatest years of my life! I have made countless memories in and out of Carroll with friends who I have made at this school! Whenever I reminisce on those times with my friends, I cannot help but smile and laugh. Although I have had some less than perfect memories during my high school years, the vast majority of my memories are memories that I thoroughly enjoy. As the countdown to graduation continues, I get more and more upset knowing that I will soon be physically separated from my Carroll family. I will forever remember the friends I have made and the experiences I have had at Carroll! 

One of my favorite memories at Carroll was walking into Mr. Cumming’s sixth-period Intro to Engineering class every day during my junior year. That class captured my attention every day because it is my goal to become an engineer in the future. The class was full of my existing friends, as well as people with whom I would become close with over the course of that year. The  memories of laughing and learning in that class were unlike any other class I have ever taken. Intro to Engineering was easily one of my favorite classes I have taken at Carroll and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in becoming an engineer in the future. 

Another one of my favorite memories was playing on Carroll’s ice hockey team. Since the moment I joined the team, I have felt like I was part of a special family. Everyone was so uplifting and supportive. We pushed each other to become our absolute best and I could not be more grateful for my teammates. The other students I played alongside have become some of my closest friends and I know that those friendships will last long after our high school years. My years at Archbishop Carroll have been some of the most rewarding years of my life in more ways than I can count! Carroll will always be my second home. 

Best Regards,

Liam Brady