Senior goodbye: Samantha Ortegae

Samantha Ortegae

Dear Archbishop Carroll, 

This school is the reason I am not afraid to leave Pennsylvania for college. When I came to Carroll my freshman year, I had never been to Catholic school. I went to public school my whole life, far away from Carroll. No one from my school was going to Carroll, and I did not grow up Catholic. I was not part of the parish in my community, so I did not know anyone who was going to Carroll. Almost everyone else knew each other from CYO sports or grade school, but I had to make all new friends. However, it was not hard. Everyone was so excited to make new friends, and I felt automatically welcomed. This is the reason I am not scared to go to college almost 10 hours away. Although no one from around me is going to the same college as me, since I have the same experience from Carroll, I am not worried. I know I will make friends just as I have here. 

Carroll has given me endless opportunities to prepare myself for college and my future. The dual enrollment program has helped me get a head start on my college education, and let me get some credits out of the way now. Being a part of the National Honor Society has helped me give back to the school and community through the service hours. I have been able to come to the school with any problems and they are resolved. Running track all four years has given me many life lessons and chances to show myself. While I did not have the intention of running track in college, running track at Carroll has helped me make friends and memories I will not forget. A large part of who I am as a student, worker, athlete, and person is due to Archbishop Carroll.

Lastly, the faculty at Carroll have completed my high school experience. All of my teachers throughout the years have helped me tremendously. I am the type of student, and person, to constantly ask questions and worry about my grades. Every time I have come to a teacher for help or with a problem having to do with my grades, not one has ever seemed annoyed. Not only did my teachers make a large impact on my time, the guidance department deserves a lot of credit. Not many people realize how much they help, but my counselor, Ms. DiMattia, is there whenever I need her. When I need to ask questions about college, life, jobs, or just to talk through my situations, she is always welcoming, regardless of how much work she has to do. The entire faculty and staff at Archbishop Carroll deserve a huge thank you. I would not be the same if I did not come to Carroll.


Samantha Ortegae