Senior goodbye: Isabella Philipp

Isabella Philipp

Dear Archbishop Carroll, 

My last day as a student here is rapidly approaching and I honestly cannot believe that in the next few weeks I will be graduating. I have been in Catholic school my entire life, and it is so very strange to think that the day when I will put my uniform away for the last time, is coming. Carroll has become a second home for me, and even though I’m leaving, I’ll never forget every opportunity and experience I have had. 

As a rising freshman, I was so excited to begin a new chapter in my life, but I never would have expected the past four years to look like they did. I spent the second half of my sophomore year learning remotely from Florida. Then, junior year, I was only in school every other day, and I only saw half of my classmates. It is impossible to think that this year has only been my second “normal” year of high school. But, I wouldn’t change anything about my unordinary high school experience, if I could. 

I am thankful for every person I met, especially my teachers, coaches, and friends. I am grateful for everyone who has pushed me to be the best student, person, and player that I can be. I am so thankful for Archbishop Carroll for giving me an unforgettable high school experience, and especially, I am grateful for every memory. Some of my favorite Carroll memories include: football games, dances, Patriothon, pep rallies, and prom. Of course, I tried to enjoy every minute of my time here because, as a senior once told me when I was a freshman, the time flies by.

Graduating from Carroll is definitely bittersweet because I am so excited to begin the next chapter of my life, but I am sad to be leaving Carroll behind. Thank you Archbishop Carroll, for everything, Goodbye!


Isabella Philipp