Senior goodbye: Amiya Soogrim

Amiya Soogrim

Dear Carroll,

I can’t believe graduation is finally here. As my high school career comes to a close, I can’t help but to reflect on the past few years. Although my time at Carroll has been anything but easy, I’m sure others can relate that I still wouldn’t change any experience I’ve had in the past four years. As a freshman, I made friends that I still frequently talk with even though a good amount of them don’t attend Carroll anymore and I have Carroll to thank for that. I also have Carroll to thank for pushing me out of my comfort zone. I didn’t even know what fencing was until I got here but found myself diving head first into it. 

Some of my favorite memories include playing Super Mario Bros during PatrioTHON and watching seafood mukbangs with our freshmen year homeroom teacher. I think I have a lot of good memories like that at Carroll, like when our football team actually won our homecoming game freshman year (even though I had a massive headache and fell asleep on a bed of backpacks in the bleachers). I’m gonna miss going to see Carroll plays with my friends and attending Diversity Club almost every Tuesday. I even have some good memories from riding the bus home after school, like when George stuffed a whole handful of sunflower seeds in his mouth and everyone laughed as he was contemplating throwing them up out the bus window. I’m also going to miss some of my favorite teachers, such as Mrs. Young, Mrs. Volpe, and Mrs. Gimpel (and Captain Boyce even though he decided to rudely abandon us and his senior year robotics class — still sad I never got to take it!). 

The Class of ’22 definitely has had its fair share of unique challenges, but I think those challenges have built character in all of us. We’ve learned to roll with the punches and had fun along the way, even when things got a bit tough. We’ve learned to approach new situations with a healthy mindset and support each other. Most importantly, we’ve learned to keep going and as we venture off on our own paths. I hope we all remember to use what Carroll has taught us and what we’ve taught each other. Bye, bye, Carroll. It’s been fun!


Amiya S.