Senior goodbye: Evan Wineburg

Evan Wineburg

Dear Archbishop Carroll students, 

You made one of the best choices a couple of months before your freshman year, and you might not even realize it yet. You decided to come to Archbishop John Carroll High School! I am just now realizing what a great choice it was for me as my senior year comes to a close. As a person who doesn’t get very emotional and certainly doesn’t show any emotions I do have, this time of year comes with a very bittersweet feeling…and it shows. I am so happy to be graduating high school and moving on to bigger and better things and places and experiences, but some parts of me want to stay here. 

The main reason is that in my experiences in public school, I had never seen an administration so dedicated to the students before. If you take a moment to think of what just one administrator or teacher has done for you, you will be astonished at how far above and beyond they are willing to go. Mr. Gennaro is one of the best men I have ever met. He finds a way to improve every student’s life, stays after school for activities, supports every group and club, leads our school as a principal, and still finds time to raise his amazing family. The great thing about our school is that the people here picked this job out of passion, not for some monetary or materialistic reward. They are teaching at a Catholic school to give us the education we deserve and to help us become better people and Christians as adults.

I hope you take advantage of the rest of your time here at Carroll and enjoy it as much as you can because it feels like the blink of an eye when it’s over. Do whatever makes you happy and find the group of people that will do it with you. I wish you the best of luck in whatever path you choose! Roll Pats!


Evan “Brrrrg“ Wineburg