Senior goodbye: Shannon Wood

Shannon Wood

Dear parents, teachers, friends, and Archbishop Carroll, 

As my time here at Carroll is coming to an end, I wanted to reflect on what it has done for me in my 4 years here. I came to Carroll only knowing that it was the school my family was known for attending. I am the 20th Wood to go to Carroll and am now soon to be graduating. The four years went by way too fast. 

My time here at Carroll started in August of 2019. I was a scared freshman joining the field hockey team not knowing how to play and being told to run the numerous run tests without any breaks. Now, yes I thought I wanted to quit, but I had my parents who told me to stick it through to the end because it goes by too fast to quit now. I never thought I would believe it until now. In the winter I ran indoor track to “keep in shape,” believe it or not. I did quit that one. After that came spring lacrosse season. Back when was a freshman I couldn’t believe I was officially on the team that had won 19 PCL championships in a row.  I could finally be on a team that won championships and that would make me the player I have always wanted to be. Looking back as a senior on that same team (with our 21 PCL champion titles) it did turn me into not only the player but also the person I wanted to become. I am thanking my parents and coaches for that. I encourage upcoming seniors to continue to make their senior year the best because it is your big send-off to the rest of your life. 

The number of times I have been told, scolded, and forced into making the decisions I deep down needed and wanted to do have shaped me into the person I am today: going to college for Division 2 lacrosse at Shippensburg University. I don’t know what I will be doing in the future quite yet but I know I will have the support and love from my family and friends to fall back on. 

Thank you, Archbishop John Carroll High School, for starting my future because it is the end of high school yet the beginning of the rest of my life. I will be holding onto the memories I made here forever. 

Thank you,

Shannon Wood