Senior goodbye: Michael Kerper

Michael Kerper

Dear Archbishop John Carroll, 

Thank you for all the new friendships I have made throughout these two years that I have been here. I have created bonds with people I never thought I would be able to. Playing football here I met a lot of people I never knew before. It also gave me some of the best memories here at Carroll. If I didn’t play football I believe that my Carroll experience wouldn’t be the same. I can easily say that coming here was something new because I transferred in my junior year, but I was happy. I am grateful that I have friends who don’t fail to make me laugh every day and teachers that are very understanding. Carroll is a great environment and everyone is very welcoming.

Another thing is my faith life. When I came here, my faith was kind of there, but ever since Kairos, it has been stronger than ever. I am so glad I got to experience Kairos because it really opens your eyes to a lot of things. Seeing how I got so close to many different people has been great. The friends I was close with before, I am now closer than ever to right now. I would like to thank Carroll for that as well. 

Coming here has shown me so many different things in life. I see a lot of things differently and also I see people differently, too. We are all different, but in Carroll, it is like one big community. I am forever thankful I got to attend this school, and will always remember the memories made here.

Thank you,

Michael Kerper