Senior goodbye: John Soda

John Soda

Dear the people I‘ve met the last four years,

Let’s be honest. Those years went by pretty quick. I still kind of remember when we came in and the seniors talked to us about what to do in high school that will make it more enjoyable and fun. One of those things was to get involved in activities. That was the best advice a person can give because when you do get involved in these activities, whether it’s a sport or club, you — no matter what — make friends. Even if you don’t get involved, I feel like there is always a way for you to find friends throughout your high school experience. What I didn’t know about high school was the drama that would come with making these friends and learning how to know when to let go of some and when to own up to your mistake. I wouldn’t change one second of my high school experience — maybe have a better sports program. Other than that, I  wouldn’t ask for anything else besides the turf football field Frank Fox promised us.   

These last few weeks have been kind of crazy leading into the summer. I don’t know how to feel with this whole college situation and leaving these friends I’ve known for four years. We all know we aren’t going keep in touch as soon as summer hits. At least I know that because of eighth grade. Everyone went their own ways and didn’t talk to each other because we went to new schools and met new people. Those were the people I would die for, too, which is crazy. The closer the end comes, the more I don’t know how to feel. Its a feeling I haven’t experienced before and I don’t enjoy it.  

In this last paragraph I feel likeshould shout out a few people who have made my high school years enjoyable and helped me through it. First, I’ve got to shoutout Emma because I could always depend on her helping me out and being there for me. Still to this day I remember we took a drive to see Shane and I went into his work and got a honey bun and we were just messing around. When I got back into the car she’s like, “Really? You got a honeybun?I responded with, yea, they could possibly be one of the best snacks on this planet. Fast forward a year later on my birthday, she got me a honeybun and I was like, that’s kind of weird, until I remembered the time I was raving about them. That’s when I realized it’s the little things that people remember that mean the most. Other people would be Sam and Shane. I can’t name another person that could make me laugh so much and consistently. We had our beef but we always got over it. Last, but not least, I’ve got to mention my boy Diego. He always kept it real and was the only person I could have a intellectual conversation with. He made my senior year as great it has been. 

Deuces *insert peace sign* 

                                            – John Soda JR