Senior goodbye: Sukai Teng

Sukai Teng

Dear Sukai Teng,

There’s no one in this world who knows you better than I do. You rarely shed tears in front of others, but in front of me, there is an unbridled cry. I never have a reason not to forgive you, but I also never want you to make too many mistakes. I clearly know that it is a good quality to correct mistakes; however, I see many people who do not even have the opportunity to regret. The heart is a strange thing. Apology can sew the wound, but gentleness will not accompany you forever. You’re growing mature and sensible, and I’m sure you can do better. Let us tell all our thoughts here.

You must learn to be alone. The saying “loneliness is your required course” must be true. We must learn to be alone in growth. Those who love you and who trust you will leave you one day. Learn to enjoy solitude and you can get rid of all the gossip. I don’t want you to waste any more time. How much time in life can you waste? Every minute after graduation is precious. You are no longer a child and you are responsible for whatever you do. Time is money and capital. Be strong and brave. In a long life, you will always encounter difficulties and setbacks, like a storm. If you don’t learn to be strong, you will always be overwhelmed by the storm. Do not hate and be jealous of others. The worst thing in the world is hatred. Hatred and jealousy will push you into the abyss step by step. 

Life after graduation will definitely be more colorful, but don’t forget your friends; they help you a lot. When you are helpless, when you are lonely and bored, they are always by your side. And most importantly, your family. They support your study abroad, they bear your willful consequences, and they love you without hesitation. They are your strong backing. 

Finally, I wish you a happy life!

Sukai Teng