Senior goodbye: Amaya Preston

Amaya Preston

Dear Mom, Dad, Ju, and Masa, 

I honestly thought you guys were joking when you said, “High school will go by fast.These last four years have been a crazy ride. It’s not like me to say but the first day of freshman year, walking through the lunchroom doors, I was terrified. After that it wasn’t that hard. I made friends, got to know my teachers, and then it was a breeze, even though freshman year I went through three theology teachers. It was still a breeze. Looking back on sophomore year, it was difficult. COVID was a rumor for the start and by the end of it, we were out of school and you guys had to deal with me and Ju being home 24/7. So much for junior year, from coming to school 2 days a week to mom having to come upstairs to wake us up because we overslept our class. It was a fun year for that. Now, senior year. It’s crazy that I’ve made it this far with you guys by my side. 

Thank you guys so much for pushing me to be the best I can be, always being there if I needed help, and always being supportive of my choices…kind of. If there was anyone who could have pushed me to be the best it was you guys. With either homework or softball, you always made sure it was the best of the best. With the littlest things you guys would always offer help. You’ve turned a little girl into an independent woman. That’s something you guys should be proud of. That also goes with being supportive of my choices. You would always let me figure it out on my own before coming to you guys. I couldn’t thank you both enough for everything you’ve ever done for me. Words can’t describe how much I love you both. 

The last thing I’m going to say is for Ju and Masa. I can’t believe you guys are growing up. It’s still a little scary to me. But what I’m going to say is this: continue to work hard in everything you do and listen to mom and dad. It’s for the better. Yes, it can be annoying and the last thing you want to hear but I promise you guys it’s all for the greater good. They will always have your back in everything you do. I love you guys so much. 


Maya Preston