Freshmen say they are having a good experience at Carroll

Alycia Mintze, Staff writer

Freshman year can be difficult because high school is such a major transition from middle school. Freshmen meet new people, experience various things, and see the reality first-hand of high school.

Carroll freshmen report that so far, so good.

“Everyone at Carroll is nice,” freshman Mailani Stokes said. “Everyone was very welcoming, and making friends was easy. I truly enjoy being here at Carroll and meeting all the friends I hope to have for a lifetime.”

The Carroll atmosphere has been appealing to many freshman students. It is a place where students feel like they can be themselves and be comfortable, according to several freshmen. 

“I love Carroll. It is a place where I feel like I can also express myself,” stated Stokes.

Carroll gives them a chance to show their talents and pursue their passions, some freshmen said.

“I am most excited for basketball season,” said freshman Ian Williams. “Coming to Carroll has been good. It gives off great vibes. The hardest thing I think I had to deal with while transitioning into high school was time management.”

Although being involved is encouraged at Carroll, it may be hard for a freshman to maintain a good schedule because they are getting introduced to a new way of things. 

“The transition from middle school to high school has been hard,” freshman Eliyana Taylor said. “But being involved makes things a little easier. Even though we don’t get things right all of the time, I feel like that is a part of the freshman experience and that’s how we learn.”