Halloween arrives: What’s its reception at Carroll?

CyNaa Mitchell, Staff writer

The marking of Halloween among Archbishop Carroll students seems to be a mixed (trick-or-treat) bag.

One senior who has plans for tonight suggested the holiday snuck up on her.

“I feel like Halloween — it’s come a little faster than usual,” said Makayla Mallery, who added: “I am going to a party with my mom.”

Another senior seemed mostly frightened by the idea of Halloween.

“Halloween is going to be pretty scary.” Jack Bateman, a senior.

It’s the occult references that seem to bother junior Marco Petroccia.

“I think Halloween is Satanic,” Petroccia said. “God doesn’t want us to celebrate the devil and stuff. When girls dress up as the devil and stuff it’s not holy; it’s not pure … Everything Halloween is absurd.”

Some students at Carroll are looking forward to the holidays after Halloween, not Halloween itself.

“Halloween is overrated.” said senior Evan Petrecz, “Christmas is better, and Thanksgiving is better.”

Christmas music, in particular,  seems to be one thing senior Mason Grimley is looking forward to.

“Christmas music–it is really just something else,”  he said.