NHS welcomes 32 new members

Ella Pergine, Staff writer

New members were inducted into Archbishop Carroll’s chapter of the National Honor Society during a ceremony Thursday night in the auditorium.

This year 32 new members were welcomed at the induction ceremony on Dec. 1.

NHS members are chosen based on their grades. Students in the top 20 percent of their class by rank and average are sent a letter in which the NHS invites them to apply. 

In addition to maintaining good academic standing, NHS members also are expected to do service work.

“Striving to be of service to the Carroll community and beyond as well as maintaining good academic standards is a good way to spend your high school career,” said Judith Owens, a moderator for NHS. 

To apply for NHS, the student must complete service hours.  The service needs to continue from the time a person is a member at NHS. For example, the person could join Community Service Corps, Best Buddies, help campus minister Father Mark Cavara at Mass, or participate in something outside of school.

“The service that NHS requires provides me with opportunities that will help me to do service outside of NHS and continue it to my future,” said Julia Craskey, a newly added member. 

Members of NHS hold many responsibilities. They must complete several service hours, attend all meetings, and participate in tutoring Carroll students. 

If someone needs a tutor, scan the QR code found on the poster that one can find in classrooms around Carroll. It has the NHS logo on it and NHS will help to find a tutor that fits one’s academic needs. 

The president of NHS this school year is senior Elizabeth Hennessy. There are eight spots to be filled that upcoming seniors can be elected to. 

As president, Hennessy runs the meetings and works as a liaison between NHS members and the moderators, Mrs. Judith Owens and Mrs. Janine Cahill. 

Hennessy was elected by giving a speech and having her fellow members of NHS vote for who should become president. 

“Congratulations to all the new members of NHS,” Hennessy said. “This is such a huge accomplishment, and you should all be extremely proud. Can’t wait for a great school year.”