Bocce team ready to roll for fourth season


Domenic Venini, Staff writer

Archbishop Carroll and Saint Katherine School for Special Education team up for the fourth year as they prepare for this bocce season.

First-year coaches Mrs. Rosemary Faris and Ms. Bridget Mscisz, both of whom teach at Saint Katherine’s, are preparing the team for the season.

“Mrs. Faris and I are excited to have the opportunity to watch the friendships grow between Carroll and St Katherine students,” said Saint Katherine teacher Ms. Mscisz. “We have been involved with the team since its beginning but it is exciting to have the chance to see the team grow from this new position as head coaches.”

Practices began at the start beginning of September.

The bocce team will be playing three league matches on Jan. 24, Feb. 6, and Feb. 9.

The Unified Bocce team is one way that Carroll students get to interact with Saint Katherine’s students.

The Unified Bocce team has a 12-person roster that includes Saint Katherine students Matthew Rodgers, Naim Tuck, John McDonald, Dylan Shields, Maria Guarino, and Melissa Hughes. The Carroll students are seniors AJ Dilks, Pat Liney, Mary Matey, and Domenic Venini, and sophomores Shannon McGee and Adelin D’Achilla.

“I joined bocce because I feel COVID took a lot away with how I can get involved in my community,” Dilks said. “I wanted to really step up this year and partake in activities, especially in bocce. Bocce is such a fun sport that puts me with an amazing group of people. Although the Carroll students and I feel a sense of responsibility for helping the Saint Katherine’s kids, I find that we have more of an experience because they help us and constantly put smiles on our faces.”

Bocce is a competitive sport — in fact, the team made it to the state championship in 2019, its first year — but the social aspect is important to Matey, too.

“My goal is to have fun and create friendships that will last after I graduate,” said Matey.