The Archbishop Carroll Bowling Team returns for its second season with a lot of hype


Julia Craskey, Staff writer

Only in its second year, Archbishop Carroll’s bowling team has become one of the most popular sports on campus. 

The bowling team consists of a boys and girls varsity and junior varsity teams. The coaches are Mr. Tom Quintos, the athletic director at Carroll, and Father Mark Cavara, the campus minister. The teams practice at Wynnewood Lanes twice a week, and they will begin playing matches in January, according to Father Cavara. Their season will end in February, and their biggest competition this year will be the Conwell Egan High School’s bowling team. 

The team’s first year was very successful, and made new students interested in joining the team for its second season. One of the new members includes junior Stephen Thomson, who is excited for the upcoming season. 

“I decided to join the bowling team because it seemed like it would be such a good time!” Thomson said. “The thing I’m most looking forward to is seeing how far we can go, and how much fun we can have.”

A number of the team members last year had been seniors, so this year’s team has lots of new members, and so far they have picked up right where last year’s team ended.

“We have more experienced, committed bowlers,” said Mr. Quintos. “Our kids know what they need to do to compete in the PCL.”

Grace Klenn, a junior at Carroll, joined the bowling team this year and is very eager to compete in her first season.

“I am most looking forward to our future matches because they are really interesting, and something I never imagined myself doing in my life, but things happen and I’m here for it,”  Klenn said

For a lot of members on the team, bowling acts as an activity to participate in at Carroll that doesn’t cause stress and is purely for fun. 

“It truly is a unique sport that is a change of pace for kids who play and do other activities,” added Mr. Quintos. “Our culture is to just have fun and get better each day.”