Some in the Carroll community beat home sweet home for the holidays


Ella Pergine, Staff writer

Christmas break calls for many students and staff to plan trips for their holiday. Archbishop Carroll students and staff traveled to Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Arizona, Texas, and more. 

Ella Wright, a senior, visited her extended family in Dallas, Tex. This is an annual trip that she and her family always take some time over their holiday.

“This is a trip we partake in every year, and it wouldn’t feel like Christmas if we didn’t go,” said Wright.

However, not every student who went away this break makes it a yearly tradition. Lainey Straub, a senior, traveled to Arizona over break with her immediate and extended family. Her family has never gone away over Christmas before and wanted to do something different. They planned to see the Grand Canyon and visit other national parks in the state. 

Mary Matey, a senior, traveled to Mexico, Honduras and the Bahamas via cruise ship. 

With having older sisters in her family, Matey said it is difficult to get away for long periods of time, so Christmas is the perfect time for a vacation. So far Mary ziplined through Honduras’s jungle and Segwayed through Mexico. This is a first year trip, but her family is hoping to make it an annual holiday excursion. 

“I’m happy to be able to spend time with my family,” said Matey. “I love being away and time off from school.”

Students aren’t the only ones taking advantage of the long break, Mrs. Diane Gimpel, a senior English teacher, vacationed in the Dominican Republic this Christmas break. Mrs. Gimpel and her husband Michael celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary this past November, which is the reason for their trip. The Gimpels usually take an annual family trip to Florida, but because of the special occasion Mr. and Mrs. Gimpel went to a tropic island without their children. 

“I was outside all day every day, reading and eating and napping and swimming in the pool and in the ocean and walking on the beach with my husband,” said Mrs. Gimpel. “It was the best.”