Delco rivalries: Carroll’s varsity boys basketball loses to O’Hara before its win against Bonner


CyNaa Mitchell

Carroll students cheer on the boys basketball team in the Patriots’ loss to O’Hara.

CyNaa Mitchell

Last week Archbishop Carroll’s varsity boys basketball team lost to Cardinal O’Hara, 68-61, on Carroll’s home court, bringing the teams record to 9-4 and 2-2 in the Philadelphia Catholic League. With Monday’s win against Monsignor Bonner, however, Carroll’s record improved to 10-4 overall and 3-2 in the PCL.

Going into the O’Hara game, the team needed to shift its mindset when the athletes saw the large crowd in the stands. Two student sections, from both O’Hara and Carroll, filled the stands for this big rivalry game. 

“My mindset was just to play my game and go into the game with confidence,” said by senior point-guard Dean Coleman-Newsome. “The crowds inevitably gave us the energy we needed, but I feel that we needed to lock in more on the court than the crowd.”

The entire night both student sections went back and forth, yelling chants to cheer on their teams. 

“It definitely helped us get momentum and I’m really happy they came out,” said sophomore Jake West. 

West scored 20 points against O’Hara’s tough defense. He found a hole where his teammates could not. 

“Through the ups and downs, the best part was Jake having a good game because we need him in the long run,” said Coleman-Newsome. 

“I just attacked a lot because my shot wasn’t falling so I tried getting to the rim and finishing,” said West.

West kept O’Hara from gaining a large lead. 

“I think O’Hara played a very solid game,” said freshman point guard Ian Williams. “I feel like they had a response to everything we threw at them, and were prepared for the moment.”

Sometimes Williams is the only freshman on the court. Being the freshman point guard and having to lead his fellow teammates could be a lot of pressure, especially in the PCL. 

“It has been challenging trying to manage me and my guys on and off the floor while being the youngest on the team–but I know that my teammates have 100% trust in me and they are willing to live and die behind my decisions, good or bad, so knowing that it takes a lot of weight off my shoulders,” said Williams. 

Even though this was one of the biggest games the boys would play, it is not the last. 

“The best part about that night was the environment and just going to war with my teammates,” said Williams. “It’s just so fun competing with them, you know. While we as a whole are also learning from our mistakes so that we can move forward.” 

“I think we just learned that if our shot is not falling, that we have other things like five for balls, take charges, and do the little things and shoot well,” West added. “No one can stop us then.”