Uniform rules get extra attention

Alycia Mintze, Staff writer

Love them or hate them, school uniforms are here to stay at Archbishop Carroll, and they have been receiving extra attention lately.

Earlier this month, administrators met with students during an extended homeroom period to remind them about the dress code.

“Wearing uniforms is important in a Catholic school because it helps create a sense of community,” said Mr. Christopher Fryberger, assistant principal of student life. “It also helps us separate ourselves from public schools and help students gain a sense of responsibility.”

Making sure students shoulder that responsibility is among Mr. Fryberger’s concerns as the school’s disciplinarian.

“Uniforms help to foster a sense of discipline and organization in the school population,” he said. “Uniforms can help to set a good example for students and promote a positive image of Carroll in the community.”

The morning meeting about the uniforms appears to have led to more adherence to the rules, according to Mr. William Gennaro, Carroll’s principal.

“I do think the uniform has improved since our meeting,” said Mr. Gennaro. “We want students to take pride in how they look and how they act. While we do know that pieces of the uniform might be uncomfortable and we’ve worked to make small changes to it over the last few years, such as allowing leggings or tights for the girls, we hope that students are proud to wear the uniform of the school they attend, and will take that pride into the work that they do.”

At least one Carroll student is happy to wear her uniform.

“I love the uniform personally,” said Gianni Russell, a senior.  “I don’t see a problem wearing it. I believe it helps students not to feel judged because they might not have fancy clothes like everybody else. I believe it gives some students a sense of comfort because we all look the same.”