Student art is the highlight of Fine Arts Week


Alycia Mintze

Ceramics crafted in unique designs were among the student works exhibited during Fine Arts Week.

Alycia Mintze, Staff writer

Portraits, fired clay sculptures and other student works were exhibited in the main entrance lobby last week as part of Archbishop Carroll’s annual Fine Arts Week celebration. The 2D and 3D works in various media, including ceramics, photography, and graphic design, were crafted by students in Mr. Timothy Magenta’s and Ms. Loraine Carpenter’s classes.

“I feel good about it,” said senior Riley Anderson, one of the exhibition’s artists. “It’s nice that our parents and peers are recognizing our work. A lot of schools don’t appreciate their art programs and it’s really nice that Carroll takes the time to make sure that we get a showcase of creativity.”

Senior Tati Walker had good things to say about art students having the opportunity to show outside the classroom the fruits of their creativity.

“Art is a way I believe students here at Carroll can express themselves,” Walker said. “I think that the art community is pretty cool for displaying this exhibit for the whole school to see.” 

Those who view the art appreciate it, according to Ms. Carpenter.

“The art display is usually very well received by the Carroll community,” Ms. Carpenter said. “Most people seem to enjoy it and many comment that they wish we had it up all year long. It is satisfying to be able to display work from so many students at one time. I believe that it strengthens our art community and I know that the students appreciate the positive feedback they receive from their peers and their teachers.”

Creative ceramics set the stage for the show. (Alycia Mintze)
A ceramic violin is as lovely as a melody. (Alycia Mintze)
Peter Trinh’s anime made a colorful display (Alycia Mintze)
Paintings and drawings popped with saturated color. (Alycia Mintze)
Landscapes, portraits, geometrics, a still life or two — all were on view. (Alycia Mintze)