For some seniors, graduation nears and excitement, stress grows

Alycia Mintze, Staff writer

For many, senior year is a time of great preparation for college. Seniors juggle extracurricular activities, jobs, socializing, family responsibilities, and academics while planning for their lives after they become Archbishop Carroll alumni. It can be exciting, and it can be stressful. 

“Honestly, coming back to school from the New Year is very scary because it feels like crunch time,” said Riley Anderson. “Being a senior can be exciting and very stressful at times but I am just trying to stay focused and graduate.” 

For seniors, returning after the New Year break can be very tense, considering that there are only six months of school left. These are the months seniors have to choose their colleges, prepare for prom, and make sure they are on track for graduation.

“Senior year has been nothing like I expected,” said Mariah Kinder. “There is a lot of pressure but I believe my friends are definitely helping my year be a little easier.” 

Approaching senior year with a positive attitude and a focus self-care can help pave the way to success.

“I came into senior year with a positive attitude and I believe that’s the key to a successful year,” said Gianni Russell. “I plan on leaving the senior year with a positive attitude even though the senior year may be stressful. I just want to end my last year of high school on a positive note.”