Carroll students move on to second semester aiming to keep up the good work

Ella Pergine, Staff writer

The first semester of the 2023 school year came to an end on Jan. 27, leaving Archbishop Carroll students with bigger aspirations for the second semester. 

Students have begun to create new goals for themselves as the third and fourth quarters begin. 

Seniors have four years of experience with this process and know what to expect and how to succeed. 

“My main focus this year were my grades so I’m looking to just keep improving,” said senior Gabriella Stout. “I feel like when I was a freshman I definitely was not this calm when the first semester came to an end.”

One freshman spoke about how she feels about her first semester and her goals for the second.

“The first quarter was definitely a little harder because this was all so new but I feel like I am definitely starting to get the hang of it now,” said Nicole Pergine. “I hope that I can do better in my grades and keeping up with homework because it will help me throughout the years.”

Junior Molly Friel expanded on how she feels about the first semester coming to an end. 

“Junior year is a really stressful year as it is so staying on top of my school work is what I hope I can work on in this next semester,” said Friel.