2023 Senior Superlatives revealed


Alycia Mintze, Staff writer

Some seniors earned accolades from their fellow members of the Archbishop Carroll’s Class of 2023 last week, although the honors are a bit awkward for some of the winners.

The accolades went to the top balloters for senior superlatives, a traditional contest in which the seniors vote for their classmates in different categories, such as “most likely to succeed” and “most likely to go pro.” Seniors first chose nominees for each of 14 categories. The names of the students who received the most nominations were put on a final ballot on Feb. 27, and the winning votes were tabulated March 1 by the Honors Journalism class, which composes the yearbook. The senior superlatives are published there.

The 2023 senior superlatives are:

  1. Always Running Late:  Alayna Doerr and Jack Fry.
  2. Best Bromance: Connor Archbold and Damon Cagliola.
  3. Best Female Friend Duo: Maddi Kingkiner and Molly McNally.
  4. Beauty and Brains: Caroline Downs and Gabe Petrecz.
  5. Biggest Flirt: Khair Dixon and Angelina Galie.
  6. Biggest Gossip: Maddi Kingkiner and Michael McCafferty.
  7. Class Clown: Akwasi Berkoh and Megan Sheridan.
  8. Cutest Couple: Josh Jones and Mariah Kinder.
  9. Cutest Couple That Never Dated: Kyle Comstock and Bridget Robinson.
  10. Life of the Party: Frankie DiCarlo and Jayla Warren.
  11. Most Likely to Go Pro: Dean Coleman-Newsome and Taylor Wilson.
  12. Most Likely to Succeed: Ryan Callaway and Bridget Grazel.
  13. Most Likely to Win an Oscar or Grammy: Alycia Mintze and Gabriel Petrecz.
  14. Worst Driver: Luke Katona and Quinn O’Brien.

O’Brien did not sound overjoyed by her win.

“Winning feels awful but I’m not surprised,” she said. 

Dixon saw the silver lining in his designation as the biggest flirt.

“I mean, I guess it’s an honor to win this,” he said. “Some of my classmates told me that I just know the right things to say to people so I’ll take it as a compliment.”

The title “most likely to go pro” is a compliment, too.

“Winning felt honorable, and in all honesty, it only motivates me to perform better,” Coleman-Newsome said.

Angelina Galie and Khair Dixon got the title “biggest flirts.”
Luke Katona and Quinn O’Brien were voted “worst drivers” by their classmates.