First-ever underclassmen-only dance comes to Carroll

Julia Craskey

Archbishop John Carroll High School will host its first ever dance that is for freshmen and sophomores exclusively. Called the Spring Fling, it will happen Saturday, May 6. 

Tickets to the floral-themed, semi-formal dance — girls are to wear dresses and boys are to wear button-down shirts, neckties, and trousers — cost $30 per person and can be purchased in the main office. Students must get permission slips signed by their parents and guardians, too.

“I am so excited for the dance,” said sophomore Gracie Kucia. “I am so glad that the administration decided to add another dance for the underclassmen.”

The spring fling came in response to pleas from the underclassmen.

“So with juniors and seniors having their own prom and with some feedback from the freshman and sophomore class leaders, as well as student council and parents’ push to have a dance or semi-formal for the underclassmen, it brought about our decision to possibly throw something small for them,” said Mr. Christopher Fryberger, assistant principal for student life.  “However, in future years, we hope to bring back another full dance for all the grades.”

In the past, the school has hosted a second semi-formal dance for all students in addition to the annual homecoming dance.

“Prior to COVID, we always used to have a snowball or a winter formal for the entire school,” Mr. Fryberger said. “However with Grayson and their occupancy with the small gym, we haven’t been able to do that and over the last couple years that … dance was taken away.” 

The dance will be a great opportunity for the underclassmen to relax and have fun after the craziness of the end of the third quarter. 

“I am glad that the dance is when it is,” said sophomore Claire Sexton, “It is just what we all needed after a stressful couple of weeks.”