Senior portraits signal senior year is starting soon

Ella Pergine, Staff writer

Archbishop Carroll’s junior class has begun their preparation for their senior year by taking their senior portraits. 

During the week of April 17, juniors received call slips to head to the library and take their last school photos for Carroll. 

Many of the students prepared for their portraits by getting their hair done, applying makeup, and putting on nice jewelry.

“I prepared by straightening my hair, adding some jewelry and other accessories,” said Jayanna Ramsey-Williams.

Some of Ramsey-William’s classmates didn’t take the same measures.

“I kind of just woke up on the day of and came in to take my picture,” said Marco Petroccia. “It is the first senior thing we’re doing though and that’s making me excited for next year.”

Many juniors are experiencing the bittersweet feeling of one of their first lasts. 

“It is sad because it kind of puts into perspective that we have one year left together and then everyone’s going to go their separate ways,” said Olivia Stout.