This week marks the last full week of academic classes for seniors


Alycia Mintze, Staff writer

This week is the last full week of academic classes for seniors at Archbishop Carroll.

Next week, seniors will have only four days of class because they have prom day, Friday, May 12, off. The following week, seniors have only three days of class because the school will be closed on Thursday, May 18, for Ascension Thursday — the holy day marking Jesus’ ascension into heaven — and they will go to Hersheypark on Friday, May 19, for their class trip. The week after the Hershey trip, seniors have their last two days of academic classes:  Monday, May 22, and Tuesday, May 23. Senior Field Day — no classes for seniors — is Wednesday, May 24, and then the five-day Memorial Day weekend begins. When seniors return to school on Tuesday, May 30, they have three days’ worth of final exams, and then their academic life at Carroll is over. June 6 is the Baccalaureate Mass and June 7 is graduation.

The last week of school is important for seniors because it denotes the conclusion of their time in high school and represents their passage into adulthood. This is a difficult moment for many seniors as they must say farewell to their friends, teachers, and comfortable surroundings.

“It kind of feels surreal that we are leaving,” said Chaise McKissick. “I am excited, but also scared.” 

Makayla Mallery is looking forward to moving on.

“I am so ready to be done with Carroll,” Mallery said. “It is true what they say: your high school years go by fast, but I feel as though I’ve enjoyed every moment.” 

Similarly, Mariah Kinder looked back fondly on her four years at Carroll.

“I am happy with my high school experience, and I am glad I have made friends here that will last for a lifetime,” said Mariah Kinder.